E L A A A S T I C at Ogami Press Gallery (Madrid, Spain) 2017

The purpose of this site-specific artwork, created in collaboration with Juan Lara, Julio Cubillos and Alfonso Riera for the Ogami Press Gallery in Madrid during the OFF Festival of PhotoEspaña 2017, is to determine the elastic limit of the photographic language. To this end, we will subject a single black and white image from my first project, “A”, to different plastic processes that will reveal the distance between a photographic image contained within its own negative and the absolute abstraction of its form as a result of applying pigments to canvas. The reason that leads me to initiate this process is an urge to free photography from its two-dimensional representation and shift its framework away from the wall, relieving it of its weight so that it may engage in dialogue with other languages such as painting and sculpture. 

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